Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[MAC] Free WiFi Hack at O'Hare Airport

Here's a trick to get free wifi at O'Hare if you don't mind reconnecting every 30 minutes. This method spoofs the ID (mac address) that the limited free wifi service uses to identify you as a user. By changing your ID every 30 minutes, it appears to the wifi that you're a new user, so you can continue to use the free wifi.

Use this trick *after* your first free session. Reuse as many times as needed.

Windows, Android, iPhone:
Follow the instructions here for spoofing your MAC address:


1. Open up Terminal

2. Copy and paste the following into Terminal:

ifconfig en0 | grep ether
3. You should see a bunch of letters and numbers like this: a0:af:8b:00:00:00. This is your current mac address. 

4. Copy and paste the following:
openssl rand -hex 6 | sed 's/\(..\)/\1:/g; s/./0/2; s/.$//
5. This will generate the new ID for you to use. Now copy and paste the following:
sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Resources/airport -z
6. Now update your ID by putting it in the command below:
sudo ifconfig en0 ether THE_GENERATED_CODE_FROM_STEP_4
7. Finally, run this command.
networksetup -detectnewhardware
8. Connect to the wifi network and open up your browser in Incognito mode. You can choose the free access again!



  1. A lot of steps for only 30 mins, but nothing beats free

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