• Integrated Electronic Manufacturing Services, EMS LED TFT-LCD, OEM / ODM Inspired by 3D Technology

    3D Tech is an EMS total solution provider.

    Technical excellence from research and development team.

    Quick turn around in product design, fabrication and production.

    Capability to bridge client's design to low cost components selection.

    Qualify alternative components and render technical support/services.

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    About 3D TECH

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    Contract Manufacturing Published May 3, 2012

    3D Tech's contract manufacturing division serves many different markets, meeting the demands of a multitude of diverse applications with their own very specific technical requirements. Automotive, appliance electronics, utility services, leisure/entertainment industries and many more manufacturing processes have benefited from 3D Tech's proactive and customer driven service. The Contract Manufacturing Solutions search and development team are key to 3D Tech's ongoing success, resolving the often demanding problems presented to them with innovative and cost effective solutions that perfectly match the clients needs year on year. As one of Asia's leading electronic assembly suppliers 3D Tech's Contract Manufacturing Solutions division has developed an unrivalled expertise, providing bespoke high-performance electronic assembly solutions to domestic and international markets. These solutions vary quite significantly as the Contract Manufacturing Solutions clients list encompasses many industry segments. The prerequisite for 3D Tech's success has been innovation, but the ability to deliver flexible solutions from concept design and prototypes to large batch assemblies at continuously cost effective prices is also a major factor in our operations across markets.

    Display Technology Published May 3, 2012

    3D Tech has built an enviable reputation serving the assisted LCD panel through its TFT control board division. Well respected throughout the industry by customers, suppliers and competitors alike 3D Tech's engineers and technicians bring the very highest levels of design and manufacture to the production. The TFT control board division produces bespoke electronic assembly, from single prototypes to small and medium batch manufacturing, for some of the world's leading manufacturers of mobility products, stair lifts and industrial equipment. Continual reinvestment in research and development keeps 3D Tech's TFT control board division at the forefront of LCD panel manufacture and assembly for both the domestic and industrial markets.

    LED Lighting Smart Solution Published May 3, 2012

    3D Tech's LED driver solutions are as diverse and flexible as the LED applications they support. From the automotive industry to entertainment and projection the Innovation Lighting Technology division are able to solve customers' design challenges and deliver cost effective, application specific solutions. The specialist Innovation Lighting Technology division's LED drivers are able to provide energy efficient power management for a wide range of markets, applications and LED arrays, including: Industrial warehouse lighting for high and low bay application Illuminated displays and signage Architectural and decorative fixtures Down lighting for domestic, commercial and retail application Airfield lighting systems Outdoor street and security lighting LED backlight LED module LED T8 LED driver ...and many more.

    New Lens LED TV backlight Published May 3, 2012

    ?? Slim Display set with Narrow Bezel.

    ?? Power Saving.

    ?? Higher Light Uniformity and Flux.

    ?? Cost down.

    Innovation LED High Bay Light Published May 3, 2012

    Innovation Technology Design.

    Best-in-class High Flux efficiency.

    Innovation Technology Design.

    Cost saved.


    Manufacturing Solutions & Facilities

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    Quick turn around in product design, fabrication and production. Published May 3, 2012

    Our three purpose-built manufacturing sits features some of the most advanced automatic assembly, inspection and test equipment available. Full Turnkey contract manufacturing Product design and process optimization Value added engineering services to enhance performance and to reduce cost Site-of-the-art automatic optical inspection systems (AOI) Through hole wave soldering (nitrogen enhanced) In-circuit and functional testing (ICT) Surface mount assembly lines Burn-in test facilities Box build Assembly lines

    Technical excellence from research and development team. Published May 3, 2012

    Proven record to service EMS customer Modularized manufacturing, excellent quality and utility Innovative design for customers Quick and effective action in R&D then product respond to the latest and hottest technology Offer high quality products with competitive price Provides one-stop service for customized requirement immediately High-quality products and non-stop services

    Capability to bridge client's design to low cost components selection. Published May 3, 2012

    3D Tech's contract manufacturing division serves many different markets, meeting the demands of a multitude of diverse applications with their own very specific technical requirements. Automotive, appliance electronics, utility services, leisure/entertainment industries and many more manufacturing processes have benefited from 3D Tech's proactive and customer driven service. The Contract Manufacturing Solutions search and development team are key to 3D Tech's ongoing success, resolving the often demanding problems presented to them with innovative and cost effective solutions that perfectly match the clients needs year on year. As one of Asia's leading electronic assembly suppliers 3D Tech's Contract Manufacturing Solutions division has developed an unrivalled expertise, providing bespoke high-performance electronic assembly solutions to domestic and international markets. These solutions vary quite significantly as the Contract Manufacturing Solutions clients list encompasses many industry segments. The prerequisite for 3D Tech's success has been innovation, but the ability to deliver flexible solutions from concept design and prototypes to large batch assemblies at continuously cost effective prices is also a major factor in our operations across markets.

    Qualify alternative components and render technical support/services. Published May 3, 2012

    3D Technologies products are of a consistently high quality, exceeding both manufacturer and customer specifications. Our rigorous testing and inspection procedures ensure customers can always count on total reliability. 3D Technologies operates in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18000 quality systems and procedures, and we apply these principles to all of our activities.


    Locations & Our Strength

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    Locations & Our Strength Published May 3, 2012

    Proven record to service EMS customer Modularized manufacturing, excellent quality and utility Innovative design for customers Quick and effective action in R&D then product respond to the latest and hottest technology Offer high quality products with competitive price Provides one-stop service for customized requirement immediately High-quality products and non-stop services

    Locations & Our Strength Published May 3, 2012

    3D Tech was established in year 2000 as a design solutions provider and high-quality electronics assemblies supplier. In 2002, 3D Tech was formally incorporated as an EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services). 3D Tech's core strengths are manufacturing in-process control and high-performance electronics assemblies and developed to presise customer specifications. From high-mix low volume to low-mix high volume, our dedicated team of skilled Engineers and technicians applies the same exacting quality standards to all that we do. Our clients know they can rely on a highly responsive service and exceptional quality Products time after time. So when you choose to outsource to 3D Tech , you choose a Partnership you can trust.

    Company Profile Published May 3, 2012

    - Established in 2000, Silicon Valley, California, USA - Parent Company: TaTung Co. since 1918; registered in Taiwan Stock Market, the market capitalization over 180 billions. www.tatung.com.tw - Headquarter: Taipei, Taiwan - Factories: Wujiang, China Taipei Shenzhen, China - Lines: LED Lens Backlight Solution Designer & Optoelectronic SMT Professional & EMS Provider - Certified by DELL for Product Quality in 2007?z; by Sharp in 2008?z - Certified by Philips for Product Quality in 2011?z

    會社概要 Published May 3, 2012

    - 2000年に設立され、シリコンバレー、カリフォルニア、米國 - 親會社:1918以來、大同株式會社、臺灣株式市場に登錄され、 6000億円(JPN)以上の時価総額(NT$)。 www.tatung.com.tw - 本社:臺北、臺灣 - 工場: 呉江市、中國 臺北 深圳、中國 - ライン:レンズLED バックライトデザイナ オプトエレクトロニクスSMTプロフェッショナル EMSプロバイダ - 2007年の製品品質のために DELL が認定'; Sharp によって2008年『 - 2011年には製品の品質のために Philips 認定'

    Company Profile Published May 3, 2012

    - Established in 2000, Silicon Valley, California, USA - Parent Company: TaTung Co. since 1918; registered in Taiwan Stock Market, the market capitalization over 180 billions. www.tatung.com.tw - Headquarter: Taipei, Taiwan - Factories: Wujiang, China Taipei Shenzhen, China - Lines: LED Lens Backlight Solution Designer & Optoelectronic SMT Professional & EMS Provider - Certified by DELL for Product Quality in 2007』; by Sharp in 2008』 - Certified by Philips for Product Quality in 2011』

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