Monday, February 18, 2013

rp_hazecity Gmod RP/Urban Warfare map Work In Progress

Here is a gmod rp map inspired by Rickler's famous rp_c17 and rp_cityx; two of the first roleplaying maps in HL2DM and Garry's Mod. The aim of this map is to allow the same sort of close quarters city roleplay as seen in TSRP, filled with alleyways, shortcuts, and own-able properties for your bases of operations.

Feature List:

- City area as seen in city17 with outlets to nearly every sect of the map.
- Multiple apartment blocks
- Variety of clubs and bars
- Three warehouses (two private access)
- Large oversized police station (part of the former trainstation) for the cops and all their corrupt activities.

Lacking List:

- Custom textures
- Details to give a realistic feel to the environment

Here are some inspirational shots from Hitman Blood Money and Rickler's RP_C17 and RP_CITYX maps.