Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[TUT] How to set up your blogger custom URL!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert your http://myblog.blogger.com subdomain into http://www.myblog.com !

1. Go to Settings --> Basic in your Blogger Dashboard. Under Publishing section, enter a custom domain for your blog name and select "Check Availability"

2. Purchase the domain with Google Wallet. You will be charged $10 and receive the domain for a year. It will be registered through GoDaddy. It may take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours for GoDaddy to register the request.

3. Here is where you would think it should be done. That Google and their awesome technology would automatically link www.myblog.com back to your blogger url and you'd be set! Right? If only...

4. Wrong. Your site will sit on a Google 404 error message until you manually connect the domain and blog. Don't worry! Here is how you do it.

5. Return to Settings --> Basic on your blog dashboard. This time, select "Switch to Advanced Settings" under the Publishing section.

6. Type in the address for your blog --> www.myblog.com , leave "Uses a missing files host?" as No and hit Save.

7. You should receive error 12 saying that it could not link to the url. You are given two rows of CNAMES which ARE important! Hold onto those for now. 

8. Go to your email account and find the registration email from GoDaddy

9. In this registration email, you're given a link to  set up your administrator account. Awesome right? Nope. Google fails again! Attempting to signup fails with an unknown google error! How are we going to get access to our newly purchased website!?

10. Instead, select the second link with the /a/yourblog.com . It will direct you to the login for your website's dashboard. Select "Can't access your account?" below the login form.

11. Reset your admin password (it will email to the same email you used to register the blog, and should be instantaneous).

12. Go back to your email and select the password reset link you were just sent. Set up a new password and you should arrive at the dashboard (you may need to login with the new password). Congrats! You're almost there!

13. Select Domain Settings tab

14. Select Domain names from the indented tabs menu. Then click Advanced DNS settings.

15. You're given some login info. Select Sign in to DNS console and enter the username and password you're given to gain access.

16. Once in the DNS console, go to Tools --> DNS Manager

17. Select the Edit Zone url below your site name.

18. Final step! Now add those CNAMES you got way back in Step 7 to the table named CNAME (Alias). You can use the Quick Add button to add them, then the Save button in the top right corner of the content area.

Note: the row 'www' - 'ghs.google.com' was already added, so I only had to add the second one containing a bunch of random characters. After this, try visiting www.myblog.com and seeing if you have access! It may take an hour or so for the changes to take effect.

If only the whole process was automated by Google...

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