Friday, July 19, 2013

Keyboard / Mouse lag constant beeping Windows 7 and 8 Fix!!

I had this issue of keyboard and mouse lagging on startup for a good 2 minutes; beeping every time I would press a key or move the cursor.

I tried a bunch of different articles with no solution:

My problem turned out to be sticky keys being enabled:
  1. Start up the Ease of Access Center
  2. Select "Make the keyboard easier to use"
  3. Turn off Filter Keys and Toggle Keys, go into Set up Filter Keys
  4. Disable the keyboard shortcut for Filter Keys, optionally disable the Other Settings.

2016 Update: A lot of users are running into this problem but the fix I mentioned did not work for them. If you encounter it now, I recommend testing the following scenarios to narrow down the problem area:

1. Test the keyboard / mouse on another machine.
2. Test a new keyboard / mouse on the problematic machine.
3. Look for any processes that might be bogging down your CPU at 100%.