Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 Most Controversial Programming Opinions

What's your most controversial programming opinion?

  1. Programmers who don't code in their spare time for fun will never become as good as those that do.
  2. The only "best practice" you should be using all the time is "Use Your Brain".
  3. Most comments in code are in fact a pernicious form of code duplication.
  4. XML is highly overrated.
  5. Not all programmers are created equal.
  6. If you only know one language, no matter how well you know it, you're not a great programmer.
  7. Performance does matter.
  8. Print statements are a valid way to debug code.
  9. Your job is to put yourself out of work.
  10. Getters and Setters are Highly Overused.


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