Saturday, March 7, 2015

[FIX] SVN Cleanup Failed to process the following paths previous operation has not finished

I ran into a commit issue that prevented me from doing anything with svn for my project. This error would continually pop up, asking me to run cleanup, but that did nothing. None of my svn icons appeared to show up on any of the project files either.

The problem here is that the work_queue in the local svn db still has operations on it that were interrupted.


1. Download SQLite and extract in the base directory where the issue is occurring.

2. Start command prompt and navigate to the base directory. Run the following command:

sqlite3.exe .svn/wc.db "select * from work_queue"
My results:
295|(file-install /bin/Content/js/jquery-1.11.2.min.js 1 0 1 1)

We can clear out the work_queue to get things functioning again.

3. Run the following command to delete the work queue entries:
sqlite3.exe .svn/wc.db "delete from work_queue"
4. Refresh the windows explorer of your directory. You should see the svn icons now show up correctly.


  1. Thanks for the clear instructions! It worked well.